Mickey Moran: Éirígí

Mickey Moran: Éirígí

Episode description

In this episode we talk to Mickey Moran. Mickey is a member of Éirígí and is the party’s representative for the midlands. He has been politically involved since his late teens, initially in activism in Limerick and Cork with animal rights, anti-war, anti-fascist and anti-globalisation campaigns. Moving to London in 2008, he was involved with the anti-fascist movement and then joined the Revolutionary Communist Group (RCG). He subsequently joined Éirígí and returned to Ireland where he has been active with the party since.

We discuss Mickey’s background and the left political scene in Limerick and Cork in the early 2000s; experiencing the European anti-fascist movement when playing gigs with a punk band in various countries; working with anti-fascists in London and countering the EDL; joining the RCG and what drew him to party organising; joining Éirígí and the politics and campaigns the party focuses on; and how Republicanism informs his politics.

This interview was recorded in November 2022.